Leather and meat without killing animals | Andras Forgacs

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


sentient is a word that is used to describe something that is able to think and feel. Everything that exists is either sentient or not, but some things are more sentient than others.

  • Every animal is sentient, but some animals are more sentient than others.
  • Some animals are capable of feeling love and sadness, which makes them more sentient than other animals.

To reimagine something is to think of it in a new way. When you reimagine a toy, you consider all of the different ways that you could use it.

  • They reimagined the toy using 3D printing.
  • The company reimagined the toy as a learning tool.

A word that is often used to describe words or ideas that are very controversial is polarizing. When people use this word, they usually mean that the word or idea is very divisive.

  • The new policy is highly polarizing, and there is a lot of backlash against it.
  • The new movie is highly polarizing, and many people are upset about it.

Phyllo is a type of dough that is used to make pies, pastries, and other types of food. It is made from flour, water, and salt, and it is usually filled with fruit or cheese.

  • The phyllo dough is very delicate, and it's easy to tear.
  • The phyllo dough is used to make delicate pastries, such as phyllo dough pies.

When something is multilayered, it has more than one layer. Sometimes the layers are hidden, but other times they are visible.

  • The dress has a multilayered fabric, which makes it look very fashionable and expensive.
  • The cake has a multilayered frosting, which makes it look very appealing.

A bioreactor is a machine that helps to break down waste products in a way that is useful. Bioreactors are often used in factories to break down pollutants and create new products.

  • The bioreactor is usually used to break down pollutants.
  • The bioreactor will help to break down the waste products in the water.

Figuratively means in a way that is not literal. When you say that someone is acting like a madman, you're not actually describing them as being crazy. You're using the word figuratively to mean that they're behaving in a way that is not normal.

  • He was acting like a madman when he stormed out of the meeting.
  • The boat was so damaged that it was impossible to sail it back to the harbor, and the crew was starting to feel like they were going crazy.