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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To fascinate someone is to captivate their attention. They might be fascinated by the way you speak, or the way you dress.

  • The film was so fascinating that I didn't want to leave the theater.
  • The book is so fascinating that I couldn't put it down.

There is no correct way to say something, as different people will usually use different grammar rules. However, there are some general rules that most people use.

  • The sentence is correct grammatically.

When you say something is distant, you mean that it is not close by. For example, you might say that the sound of the ocean is distant.

  • The ocean is very distant.
  • The sound of the ocean is distant.

An outlier is a person or thing that is different from the rest of the population. Outliers are usually unusual in some way, and they tend to stand out from the rest.

  • The outlier in the group was the one who was the tallest.
  • The outlier in the study was the one who smoked the most.
  • The outlier in the data set was the one with the most errors.

To cleave means to unite two pieces of metal or plastic so that they are attached together. This can be done with a welding process, or with a special type of glue.

  • The metal cleaves easily when it's heated.
  • The plastic is not as likely to cleave, so it's better for the purposes that they were intended.

Visceral means relating to the organs of the body, especially the stomach and the intestines. When something is viscerally unpleasant, it feels very bad in the body.

  • The food was viscerally disgusting.
  • The experience was viscerally terrifying.

Dissociate means to break away from. When you dissociate, you become separate from the person, thing, or experience.

  • Dissociation can be a result of trauma.
  • Dissociation is a common symptom of PTSD.

To nudge someone is to encourage them indirectly. You might nudge someone in the direction that you want them to go, or you might nudge them when they are about to do something that you don't want them to do.

  • The salesperson nudge the customer in the direction of the product.
  • The teacher nudge the students to get out of their seats and start working.

Fanciful is a word that describes something that is exaggerated or unrealistic. When you say that someone is wearing a fancy dress, you are using the word fanciful to describe it.

  • The fanciful dress was too hot to wear.
  • The fanciful story was too exciting to be true.