Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To cognitively is to think about something in a logical way. When you cognitively think about a problem, you try to figure out all of the possible solutions.

  • He cognitively thought about the problem for hours before he came up with a solution.
  • The students were asked to cognitively think about the problem before they came up with a solution.

The intelligibility of a language is how easy it is to understand. A language that is easy to understand is called intelligible.

  • The language is not intelligible, which is why it's hard to understand what the speaker is saying.
  • The language is very intelligible, which is why the speaker can easily be understood.

Reverberation is the effect that sound has on other sounds. When sound waves hit something hard, they create a sound called reverberation.

  • The room was filled with the reverberation of the music.
  • The sound of the waves reverberating against the shore was beautiful.

Reverberant means that something has a sound that is constantly being repeated. The sound of the waves is reverberant, because it is always being repeated.

  • The reverberant sound of the waves was very relaxing.
  • The reverberant sound of the music made me feel uncomfortable.

To likened is to compare someone or something to something else. When you likened the new president to Lincoln, you were comparing him to one of the most famous and respected presidents in American history.

  • He likened the new president to Lincoln, which is why he's so excited about him.
  • She likened the new dress to a dress she had worn a few years ago, which is why she liked it so much.

evaporating means to disappear or to reduce in size. The water in the pool is evaporating, which is why the pool is getting smaller and smaller.

  • The water in the pool is evaporating because the sun is shining on it.
  • The gas was evaporating, which is why the room was getting warmer and warmer.

Introverts are people who are usually quiet and reserved. They often find social situations intimidating, and they often need time alone to recharge.

  • She's an introvert and she's not very good at socializing.
  • He's an introvert and he doesn't like being around people.

The decibels (dB) are a measure of how loud a sound is. The higher the dB, the louder the sound.

  • The volume of the music was turned up to 120 dB, which was way too loud.
  • The sound of the waves was so loud that it was impossible to hear anything else.