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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Extortion is the act of demanding money from someone in order to not publish something that you have written or to stop doing something that you are doing.

  • The journalist was threatened with extortion if he didn't stop publishing the articles.
  • The company is being extorted by the protesters, who are demanding money to stop protesting.

Politely means in a polite way. When you politely ask someone to leave, you are not being rude.

  • Please leave, politely.
  • Would you be so kind as to not smoke in the library? Politely asking someone not to do something is not considered rude.

Legitimized means that someone or something has been given the legal right to exist or to do something. When the government legitimizes a terrorist organization, they are giving it the legal authority to do what it does.

  • The government legitimized the terrorist organization by giving it a license to operate.
  • The company legitimized their product by getting a certificate of quality.

ridiculously means so absurdly that it is impossible to believe. When she said that her parents were ridiculously wealthy, she was saying that it was totally absurd for her parents to have that much money.

  • The dress is ridiculously expensive.
  • The movie was ridiculously unrealistic.

The upside of something is the good side of it. The upside of a situation might be that you are successful in your goal, or that you are not affected as badly as you thought you would be.

  • The upside of the situation is that I got the job I wanted.
  • The downside of the situation is that I have to move.

There are always some downsides to anything. When you're looking at a new job, you'll probably hear about the downsides of the job as well.

  • The downside to working for the company is that they are not very good at paying their employees.
  • The downside to going to the party is that I won't be able to study.

A parliament is a type of government where the executive branch (the president, governor, or mayor) is subject to the legislature (the parliament). This means that the legislature can pass laws that affect the government, and the government must obey these laws.

  • The parliament is the body that elects the president.
  • The parliament is the body that can impeach the president.

To scapegoat is to blame someone or something for a problem that is actually caused by someone or something else. Sometimes the scapegoat is deliberately chosen, while other times it's just the person who is easiest to blame.

  • The teacher scapegoated the student for the mistake that was made.
  • The company scapegoated the worker for the failed project.

To narrated is to tell a story, usually with the use of voice-over. When you watch a movie or TV show, the narrator is usually telling the story while the actors are performing the scenes.

  • The narrator narrated the entire movie, which made it very long.
  • The narrator narrated the entire story, which made it very boring.