How your emotions change the shape of your heart | Sandeep Jauhar

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A maladaptive behavior is one that is not normal or healthy. Some examples of maladaptive behaviors are eating disorders, drug abuse, and suicide.

  • The child has a maladaptive eating disorder, which means that he is not eating the right amount of food.
  • The student has a maladaptive pattern of drug use, which means that he is using drugs in a way that is not healthy for him.

To constrict something is to squeeze it very tightly. Sometimes people use the word to describe the feeling of being very tense.

  • The rope was too tight, and it was constricting my breathing.
  • The government is trying to constrict the number of refugees that are coming into the country.

Distended means enlarged, swollen. When you distend the stomach, you make it larger by expanding the stomach muscles.

  • The balloon was distended with air, and it was very large.
  • The balloon was distended with gas, and it created a lot of noise.

To ballooned is to become very large or inflated. When you ballooned the balloon, it became much larger than it was supposed to be.

  • The ballooned when we let it go too far.
  • The ballooned when I put too much air in it.

A physiologist is a scientist who studies the body and how it functions. They often study things like the heart, lungs, and digestive system.

  • He is a physiologist, which is why he is so interested in the body.

To unmitigatedly mean something is to say or do something without any restraint or mercy. When you unmitigatedly yell at someone, you yell at them with all of your energy and anger.

  • The teacher unmitigatedly scolded the student for his disruptive behavior.
  • The politician unmitigatedly attacked his opponent in the debates.

When something is constricted, it is limited in some way. This can be because it is too small or because it is being held too tightly.

  • The passage is very constricted, and it's not very easy to read.
  • The restriction of the diet is constricting the dog's stomach.

To pet something is to pet it affectionately. If you pet a dog, you are usually giving it a hug.

  • She petted the dog affectionately before she let it go back into the house.
  • He petted the cat affectionately before he let it go back into the house.

To conceptualize something is to understand it in a way that is separate from the actual physical object or thing. You might conceptualize a object in your mind before you ever see it.

  • The artist conceptualizes the objects in a very abstract way.
  • She conceptualized the idea of a school without walls.