How your digestive system works - Emma Bryce

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A morsel is a small amount of food. You might eat a morsel of cake or a morsel of ice cream.

  • I ate a small morsel of cake to satisfy my sweet tooth.
  • I ate a large morsel of ice cream to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Sloshing is a type of noise that is usually made when liquid is being moved around. It sounds like a waterfall and it's usually very loud.

  • The sound of the water sloshing was really loud.
  • The sound of the water sloshing made it difficult to hear the person talking.

Peristalsis is the process of the intestines moving food through the body. It happens in the stomach and small intestine, and it helps to digest food.

  • Peristalsis is responsible for moving food through the intestines.
  • The peristalsis was slow, which was causing the food to move slowly through the intestines.

To propel something is to push or move it forward. A rocket propels itself forward by using a fuel that is stored inside the rocket.

  • The rocket propelled itself into the sky.
  • The boat was propelled forward by the current.

A secretion is something that is released from the body in order to do something. Some body secretions are important, like sweat, while others are just waste products.

  • The secretion that the doctor was looking for was present in the patient's blood.
  • The secretion that is released when you cry is called tears.

Leached means to take something away (usually water) from something. When the soil is leached of its nutrients, it is not able to support plant life.

  • The soil was leached of its nutrients and the plants died.
  • The tree was leached of its nutrients when the soil was changed.

The jejunum is the lower part of the small intestine. It connects the stomach to the small intestine.

  • The jejunum is responsible for breaking down food into smaller pieces so that it can be absorbed into the body.

Villi are small, thin tubes that are found in the digestive system of many animals. They help to break down food.

  • The villi are important for the digestion of food.

Sloughed is a word that is used to describe the action of shedding skin. When you slough off the skin on your arm, you are removing the old skin and revealing the new skin.

  • The snake sloughed its skin to become a new species.
  • The snake sloughed its old skin to become a new snake.