How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Scabs are small pieces of skin that are left on a wound after the skin has healed. They are caused by irritation or infection, and they can often be a sign of a more serious health problem.

  • The scabs were a sign that the wound was still Healing poorly.
  • The scabs are a sign that the wound is still healing.

When someone conquers something, they win or control it. Sometimes the word is used to describe someone's success in life, or in their career.

  • He has many conquests in the sports world.
  • She has many conquests in the field of medicine.

A foolproof plan or strategy is one that is guaranteed to work. There is no way that it can fail, and no one can do anything to change the outcome.

  • The plan was supposed to be foolproof, but it turned out to be wrong.
  • The plan is supposed to be foolproof, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work.

Cowpox is a disease that is caused by a virus. It is most commonly found in cows, but it can also be found in people.

  • The disease is called cowpox because it is most commonly found in cows.
  • The disease is called smallpox because it was once the most common form ofpox.

When something is pockmarked, it has small holes or marks all over it. This can be the result of a physical attack, or it can be the result of something else.

  • The rug is pockmarked with the holes from where the rodents nested.
  • The pockmarked skin is a sign that the person is infected with a disease.

To infect something is to cause it to get sick or to have something bad happen to it. When you infect your computer with a virus, you're causing it to get infected with a virus.

  • The virus infected the computer system.
  • He was infected with the virus at the hospital.

Utters is a word that is used to describe the words that someone says. Sometimes utters is used to describe the sound that someone makes when they speak.

  • He uttered a curse when he broke the vase.
  • The dog uttered a plaintive howl when it was being chased.

Pustules are small, flesh-colored bumps that are found on the skin. They are usually caused by a virus, and they can be very itchy.

  • He has a rash all over his body, and it looks like he got it from the pustules on the tree.
  • She has a pustule on her neck, and it's been bothering her a lot.

To deliberate is to think about something carefully before you make a decision. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of discussing something in detail.

  • They deliberated for hours before they finally made a decision.
  • They deliberated for days before they finally came to a decision.