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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Resonating means to have a powerful or meaningful effect on someone or something. When you say something resonates with you, you mean that it makes you think or feel the same thing that the person or thing is feeling.

  • The speech resonated with the audience, and they were moved to tears.
  • The song resonated with her, and she found herself singing along.

A billowy thing is fluffy or soft. A billowy dress is usually very comfortable to wear, because it's made of soft materials.

  • The dress was very billowy, and it was so soft that I could barely move.
  • The clouds were so billowy that you couldn't see the sky.

Empathizing is the ability to feel what another person feels. When you empathize with someone, you feel their feelings as if they are your own.

  • She empathizes with the victim, because she has experienced similar things in the past.
  • He empathizes with the victim, because he understands how the victim feels.

To precipice is to reach the edge of a cliff or a slope. If you're walking on a precipice, you're very likely to fall down.

  • The cliff is very steep, and the path leading to the top is very narrow.
  • The boat was just about to reach the precipice, when it capsized.

To persuade someone is to try to get them to do something by using logic and reason. Persuasion can be used to get someone to change their mind, to do something that they might not want to do, or to do something that is against their own interests.

  • The politician tried to persuade the public to support the new treaty.
  • He tried to persuade her to change her mind about going to the party.

To wane is to decrease in amount, to lessen in strength or intensity. The moon is waning because it's getting smaller and less visible in the sky.

  • The number of students has been waning over the past few years.
  • The company is waning because it's losing money every year.

To detest something is to hate it very much. Some people might detest politicians, while others might detest the way the world is going.

  • The politician is detested by most of the people in the town.
  • The city is detested by most of the people in the country.

To outlive something is to live longer than it. Sometimes people use the word to refer to someone who is going to survive a particular event or situation.

  • He is going to outlive the disease because he is younger and has a healthier lifestyle.
  • She is going to outlive the scandal because she is a good person who will not let it define her.