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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To demean someone is to treat them in a way that is not fair or respectful. When you demean someone, you make them feel lower than themself.

  • He demeaned her by calling her a stupid name.
  • She demeaned him by calling him a liar.

Dogmatism is a belief in something that is not based on evidence or reason. It's usually a belief that is not open to change.

  • The dogmatist refused to listen to any other opinion.
  • The dogmatist is very closedminded and refuses to listen to other points of view.

To conflate two things is to mix them together so that they no longer have any clear distinctions. This can be a problem because it can make it difficult to understand what is going on.

  • The politician conflated the two issues and ended up making a mistake.
  • The two languages are conflated when they are spoken together.

Bombarding means to attack repeatedly, to assault in a forceful way. The troops were bombarding the city with artillery fire.

  • The company is bombarding the market with ads.
  • The politician is bombarding the public with speeches.

The cornerstones of a society are the things that are fundamental to that society. These things include the laws, the culture, and the people.

  • The cornerstone of democracy is the right to vote.
  • The cornerstone of the American way of life is freedom.

To rummage is to search through someone or something for something specific. You might rummage through your closet for a dress that you want to wear, or you might rummage through a bin of old newspapers for something you want to read.

  • She was rummaging through the drawers of the bureau looking for her sunglasses.
  • He was rummaging through the attic looking for old furniture to repair.

A falsetto is a type of singing voice that is high-pitched and often artificial. It's usually used to sing opera or musical theater songs.

  • He used his falsetto to sing the song in a very dramatic way.
  • She used her falsetto to sing the song in a very highpitched tone.

The timbre of a voice is the way that it sounds. There are a lot of different ways that a voice can sound, and each one has its own unique timbre.

  • The timbre of the voice was terrify

Prose is written in a formal, often poetic style. Prosody is the use of syntax, words, and phrases to create an emotional effect.

  • The author uses a lot of prosody to create an emotional effect.
  • The poet uses prosody to show the emotional effects of the poem.