How to read music - Tim Hansen

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


An axe is a tool that is used for cutting wood. It is usually made out of wood, metal, or plastic, and it has a sharp edge on one end.

  • He was using an axe to chop down the tree.
  • The police found the axe in the suspect's car.

To pitch something is to offer it to someone in an attempt to get them to buy it. You usually pitch something to a customer, an investor, or a friend.

  • The company is pitching their new product to the public.
  • The salesman is pitching the new car to the customer.

Condense means to make something more concise or to reduce its size. When you condense a book, you reduce the number of pages by removing some of the material.

  • The book was very condensed, which made it much easier to read.
  • The speech was condensed into a few minutes, which made it easier to understand.

A clef is a type of note that is used to indicate the key (or tonality) that a song is in. The notes on the clef are higher than the notes on the staff, which makes it easier to read.

  • The song is in the key of C, which is indicated by the clef.
  • The song is in the key of G, which is not indicated by a clef.

A ledger is a book or table that is used to track the finances of a business or organization. It is usually divided into different sections, including the balance sheet, the income and expenses, and the cash flow.

  • The ledger was full of mistakes, because the accountant was not properly tracking the finances.
  • The accountant is going to have to make a lot of changes to the ledger, because it's not reflecting the actual state of the company's finances.

To be happily married is to be very happy with your marriage. Often, this means that you and your spouse are able to resolve any disagreements that you may have.

  • They are happily married, which is why they're always so happy.
  • I am happily married, which is why I don't mind spending time with my wife.

To divide something is to divide it into parts. You can divide something into equal parts, or you can divide it into parts that are different sizes.

  • He divided the cake into three equal parts.
  • The teacher is dividing the students into groups to discuss the project.

To divide something is to divide it into equal parts. When you divide an apple into six equal pieces, you are creating six pieces of apple pie.

  • The teacher wanted to divide the students into groups, but the students were not happy about it.
  • The company wants to divide the profits among the shareholders, but the employees are not happy about it.

Rhythms are the patterns that are repeated throughout a piece of music. They can be simple or complex, but they are always important.

  • The song has a lot of rhythms, which makes it fun to listen to.
  • The rhythms in the poem are very complex, and they are difficult to understand.