How to outsmart the Prisoner’s Dilemma - Lucas Husted

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A sparer is someone who is careful with their money. They are usually more frugal than spenders, and they are more likely to save their money.

  • The sparer is more likely to buy used items instead of new ones.
  • The sparer is more likely to choose lowcost items over expensive ones.

To betray someone is to betray their trust. You might betray someone by telling them something that you shouldn't have, or by not being loyal to them.

  • He betrayed her trust by lying to her.
  • She betrayed his trust by not telling him the truth.

Deviating means to go out of the normal way that something is done. When you deviate from the standard recipe, you might end up with a recipe that is not very good.

  • The recipe calls for baking the cookies on the bottom of the oven, but the deviator decided to bake them on the top.
  • The deviator decided to add a new ingredient to the recipe, and it ended up ruining the entire batch.

Smug is a word that people often use to describe people who are feeling too good about themselves. They are usually very confident and think that they are better than everyone else.

  • He was very smug when he won the race.
  • She was very smug when she won the argument.

To betray someone is to break their trust. When you betray someone, you break the trust that they have in you.

  • He betrayed her trust by lying to her.
  • The politician betrayed the trust of the people by voting to raise taxes.

To retaliate is to take action in response to somebody else's action. When the student retaliated against the teacher, they retaliated against her with bad grades.

  • The company retaliated against the worker who filed a lawsuit by firing them.
  • The worker retaliated against the company by filing a lawsuit.

sentient is a word that is used to describe something that is able to think and feel. Everything that exists is either sentient or not, but some things are more sentient than others.

  • Every animal is sentient, but some animals are more sentient than others.
  • Some animals are capable of feeling love and sadness, which makes them more sentient than other animals.

To erode is to wear away or destroy something. The soil can erode away the foundation of a building, and the erosion of the ocean can destroy the coastlines.

  • The erosion of the coastline is a result of the increasing number of people living there.
  • The erosion of the soil is a result of the rain.

demonstrably means that there is no doubt about it. It is clear and obvious, and there is no need for further discussion.

  • The evidence is demonstrably clear.
  • There is no way to argue that point, it's demonstrably true.