How to make faster decisions | The Way We Work, a TED series

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

Counterintuitive is an adjective that is used to describe something that is not what you would expect. For example, you might say that the decision to go on the trip was counterintuitive, because it was very cold outside.

  • The decision to go on the trip was very counterintuitive, because it was so cold outside.
  • The counterintuitive decision was to fire all the employees.

To whittle something is to reduce it gradually or to make it smaller and weaker. You might whittle down a tree with a saw, or you might whittle away at your argument with a friend.

  • He whittled the stick down to a fraction of its original size.
  • She whittled away at the argument until it was resolved.

To shatter something is to break it into pieces. When you shatter a glass, you cause a lot of damage.

  • The window was shattered when the glass was thrown through it.
  • The vase was shattered when the cup was thrown at it.

To say that something is classically is to say that it is traditional or typical. When people say that classical music is beautiful, they are saying that it is a type of music that is often used in formal ceremonies or performances.

  • He said that classical music was the best type of music.
  • The play is classically written, which is why it's so difficult to understand.

To canvass is to go around and ask people if they would be interested in voting for or supporting a particular candidate or idea. You usually canvass in order to find out what people think about the candidate or idea.

  • The campaign manager was canvassing the neighborhood to find new supporters.
  • The professor was canvassing the class to find out if they would be interested in participating in a study.

A tiebreaker is a play or match that is used to decide the winner when two teams are tied. In a tiebreaker, each team plays one more game.

  • The tiebreaker was used to decide the winner of the tournament.
  • The tiebreaker was used to decide the winner of the game.

To decisively something is to reach a definite conclusion about something. When you decisively win a game, you win by scoring more points than your opponent.

  • He decisively won the game by scoring two goals in the last few minutes.
  • She decisively rejected his offer.