How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To misrepresent something is to make it seem different from the truth. You might misrepresent your opinion to make yourself look better.

  • The politician misrepresented the facts of the situation.
  • The advertiser misrepresented the product.

To sketch is to make a drawing or painting on paper. You can use a pencil, pen, or ink to create your sketches.

  • He was drawing a sketch of the house.
  • She was sketching a portrait of the person she was meeting.

To retake a test is to take it again, after it has been missed. When students retake a test, they are trying to get a better score.

  • The students were required to retake the test because they missed it the first time.
  • The students were allowed to retake the test because they got a low score on it the first time.

RIGGED means dishonest or fraudulent. When someone says that the election is rigged, they are saying that the system is being manipulated in a way that is not fair.

  • The election was rigged in favor of Trump because the system was not fair.
  • The election was rigged in favor of Clinton because the system was not fair.

Animators are people who create the animation for a movie or TV show. They work on the drawings, the motions, and the sounds that make the animation look realistic.

  • The animators worked on the scene where the dragon attacks the village.

To be afloat is to be on the surface of a body of water. Sometimes people use the word to describe someone or something that is in favor or successful.

  • The company is afloat because it is making a lot of money.
  • The ship is afloat because the water is supporting it.

A startup is a new company or business. When a startup is starting off, it is often very small and undeveloped.

  • The startup is still in the early stages, and it's not very successful yet.
  • The startup is very successful, and it's growing very quickly.

The millionth is a number that is two hundred fifty thousand bigger than the hundredth. It is also known as the thousandth.

  • The millionth baby was born last week.
  • The millionth word in the dictionary is "antidisestablishmentarianism."