How to embrace emotions at work | The Way We Work, a TED series

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To bargain is to negotiate a deal. You usually bargain by agreeing to something lower than what you originally wanted in order to get something that you want.

  • The store is bargaining for a lower price because they don't want to lose customers.
  • The workers are bargaining for better conditions because they want to keep their jobs.

Lurid is a adjective that is used to describe something that is very graphic or gory. The word is often used to describe the news or the media.

  • The article was lurid and full of gory details.
  • The movie was lurid and full of graphic violence.

Reacquainted means to meet again after being apart. When you reacquainted yourselves with each other after a long time, you were probably happy to see each other again.

  • We reacquainted ourselves with each other at the party.
  • We reacquainted ourselves with each other at the library.

To prioritize something is to put it into order, to decide which thing is most important. When you prioritize your work, you try to make sure that the most important things are done first.

  • The manager prioritized the safety of the workers over the production schedule.
  • The teacher prioritized the assignment list over the class discussion.

A leaky roof is one that is not able to hold up the weight of the rain that falls on it. This can lead to water flooding into the house, and it can also damage the wood floors and walls.

  • The roof is leaking, and the water is flooding into the house.
  • The roof is not leaking, but the water is seeping through the cracks.

Vocalizing is the act of talking or shouting. When you vocalize, you are using your voice to communicate.

  • She vocalized her anger when she threw the book across the room.
  • The vocalizing animals in the zoo were making a lot of noise.

Hammering is the sound that you hear when something is being hit with a hammer. It's usually loud and repetitive, and it can be very annoying.

  • The sound of hammering is constantly coming from the construction site.
  • The sound of hammering is always annoying.

When something is deflated, it is reduced in size or amount. The balloon in the picture is deflated because the air has been taken out of it.

  • The balloon was deflated by the wind.
  • The company's stock Prices were deflated when the company announced that they were going bankrupt.

When something is actionable, it is something that you can do something about. Actionable items are things that you can take action on, something that you can make a difference in.

  • The report is actionable, because it contains information that can be used to improve the company.
  • The problem is not actionable, because it's not something that you can do anything about.