How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Senescent means that a person or thing is no longer growing or developing. This might be because the person or thing is no longer young, or it might be because the environment is no longer suitable for growth.

  • The senescent tree is struggling to survive in the harsh environment.
  • The senescent machine is no longer able to function because of the damage it sustained.

Telomeres are pieces of DNA that protect chromosomes from becoming damaged. As we age, our telomeres get shorter, which means that our chromosomes are at risk of becoming damaged.

  • The study found that telomeres shorten more rapidly in people who have a high BMI.
  • Telomeres are important for protecting chromosomes, and they are shortening more rapidly in people who have a high BMI.

When something is bunched up, it is tightly bound together. This can be a good or a bad thing.

  • The bunched up fabric makes the dress look sloppy.
  • The bunched up papers make it difficult to read.

To be rejuvenated is to feel like you are feeling better than you have in a long time. You might be rejuvenated because you have recovered from an illness, or you might be feeling rejuvenated because you are starting a new phase in your life.

  • She was feeling rejuvenated and excited about the new job.
  • After being away for a year, the couple was feeling rejuvenated and ready to start fresh.

To be reinvigorated is to be brought back to life, to be made new again. When a company is reinvigorated, it is usually because it has a new leader who is able to bring new ideas and energy to the organization.

  • The company was reinvigorated when the new leader was hired.
  • The new president is reinvigorating the company by introducing new ideas.

Secreting means releasing something into the environment. When you secrete a hormone, you are releasing it into the environment to control or influence the behavior of other people.

  • The body secretes a hormone to control the behavior of the animal.
  • The plant secrete a poison to kill other plants.

Weirdly is used to describe something that is very unusual or unexpected. When you say that something is weirdly shaped, you mean that it is not the usual shape for that kind of object.

  • The cake was oddly shaped, with a dome on top.
  • The plant was oddly shaped, with long vines.