How to be "Team Human" in the digital future | Douglas Rushkoff

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A thermonuclear war is a war that is fought with weapons that use heat instead of bullets or bombs. This type of war is incredibly destructive and can destroy everything in a very short amount of time.

  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted happened in 1991.
  • The thermonuclear war that was predicted never happened, but it could have.

A futurist is someone who tries to understand and predict the future. They use their knowledge of science and technology to make predictions about the future.

  • The futurists are predicting that the world will be a very different place in the next few years.
  • The futurists are predicting that the world will be a very different place in the next few decades.

To unionize is to join a union. Unions are groups of workers who have banded together to fight for their rights.

  • The workers at the factory were unionized, which is why they were able to negotiate a better salary.
  • The workers at the plant are unionized, which is why they are able to unionize.

The irises are a type of flower that is often used in paintings and sculptures. They are often used to symbolize beauty and love.

  • The irises are a beautiful flower, and they are used a lot in paintings and sculptures.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced in the brain when you are happy or when you are relaxed. It is often called the "cuddle hormone" because it is responsible for making you feel happy and content.

  • When she saw the baby, she started to produce a lot of oxytocin.
  • The drug is designed to increase the level of oxytocin in the brain, which is supposed to make you feel happy and relaxed.

To humanize something is to make it look like a human being. This is usually done by making it look like it has feelings and emotions.

  • The android was designed to be humanized, so that it could look and feel like a real person.
  • The artist tried to humanize the animals in the painting by making them look like they were posing for a photo.

To externalize something is to put it outside of yourself. You can externalize your anger by yelling or throwing objects.

  • He externalized his anger by yelling and throwing objects.
  • The child externalized her feelings by crying.