How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is overjoyed, they are very happy and excited. They might be crying or laughing, because they are so happy.

  • She was overjoyed when she finally saw her son.
  • The team was overjoyed when they won the game.

To awake is to become conscious. When you wake up, you're no longer unconscious.

  • She woke up just in time to see the eclipse.
  • He woke up just in time to stop the robbery.

To demoralize someone is to cause them to lose their morale. When the troops are demoralized, they are no longer willing to fight.

  • The soldiers were demoralized by the lack of progress on the project.
  • The company is demoralizing its employees, which is why they are quitting in droves.

When someone is invigorated, they are energized and excited. They might feel invigorated after a good workout, or after a conversation with a friend.

  • He was invigorated after his long run.
  • The party was so invigorating that she didn't want to go home.

When two animals are fighting, they are said to be using their pincers. Pincers are the claws on the front of a crab or lobster's shell.

  • The lobster was using its pincers to catch the fish.
  • The crab was using its pincers to fight off the bird.

To saturate something is to cover it with a liquid so that it is completely soaked. When you saturate a cloth with water, it will become very wet.

  • The clothes were saturated with water, and they were starting to get wet.
  • The ground was saturated with water, and it was starting to get wet.

When someone is defenseless, they are unprotected and unable to defend themselves. This can be because they are unarmed or because they are surrounded by enemies.

  • The city was defenseless against the attack.
  • The army was defenseless against the enemy's attack.