How technology changes our sense of right and wrong | Juan Enriquez

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is beheaded, they are killed by beheading. The head is cut off of the body, and the body is usually decapitated.

  • The beheadings took place because the king wanted to punish the rebels.
  • The beheadings took place because the king wanted to punish the rebels for trying to overthrow him.

An indentured servant is someone who is working for someone else in exchange for a small amount of food and shelter. indentured servants often have to work very hard for very little pay, and they are often treated very poorly.

  • The indentured servants are working hard in the sun.
  • The indentured servants are working hard on the plantation.

The abolitionists were people who believed in the abolition of slavery. They worked to end the slave trade and to protect the rights of slaves.

  • The abolitionists were successful in getting the slave trade abolished.
  • The abolitionists fought for the rights of slaves, even when it was dangerous.

When you risk something, you are putting your safety at risk. You might risk your money by gambling, or you might risk your life by jumping off a bridge.

  • He risked his life by swimming to the island.
  • She risked her reputation by writing that article.

When something is oppressive, it is limiting or restricting. People who are oppressive often have power over others, and they use that power to control and to oppress.

  • The oppressive regime has ruled the country for decades.
  • The oppressive dress is uncomfortable and restrictive.

A deserter is someone who leaves their country or military unit to fight against them. They are usually punished by being sent to prison or killed.

  • He was a deserter, and was sentenced to death.
  • The soldier deserted his unit and was captured by the enemy.

To narrowcast something is to send it out to a small number of people. This is usually done in order to avoid the high cost of advertising.

  • The company is trying to narrowcast its message to a specific audience, which is why it's so expensive.
  • The politician tried to narrowcast his message to a specific group of people, but it didn't work out.

The fanciest thing is the most expensive, the most beautiful, or the most prestigious. When you say that something is the fanciest, you mean that it is the best of the best.

  • The fanciest restaurant in town is very expensive.
  • The fanciest car on the lot is a Ferrari.

The forefathers are the ancestors of a person. They are the people who are responsible for the gene pool of a particular group of people.

  • The forefathers of the Native Americans are the people who founded the tribe.
  • The forefathers of the European Americans are the people who arrived in America in the 16th century.