How squids outsmart their predators - Carly Anne York

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Emblazoned means decorated with a design or coat of arms. The logo on the shirt is emblazoned on the front.

  • The design on the shirt is emblazoned with the company's name.
  • The coat of arms on the wall is emblazoned with the family's name.

Cephalopods are a group of animals that include squid, octopuses, and cuttlefish. They are usually found in the ocean, but a few cephalopods live in freshwater.

  • Squid are cephalopods, and they are the most common type of cephalopod.
  • Octopuses are cephalopods, but they are usually considered to be a different kind of animal.
  • Cuttlefish are cephalopods, but they are the smallest type of cephalopod.

The dimmest light is the light that you can see with the best of circumstances. It's usually not strong enough to see anything clearly.

  • It was too dim to see anything.
  • The dimmest light allowed you to see the outline of the objects.

To be camouflaged is to be hidden from view. You can be camouflaged by blending in with your surroundings or by wearing a disguise.

  • The animals were camouflaged by their dark coloring.
  • The soldier was camouflaged by his large body and the helmet that he was wearing.

To outfox someone is to trick them or to outsmart them. If you outfox the burglar, you catch them before they can steal anything.

  • The detective outfoxed the suspect by following them to the hideout.
  • The company outfoxed the competition by coming up with a new design.

Melanin is a substance that is found in the skin and hair of people of different races. It is responsible for the color of those skin and hair colors.

  • Many people have dark skin because they have a lot of melanin.
  • Many people have light hair because they have a lot of melanin in the hair follicles.

A smokescreen is a way to hide something from view. If the government is using a smokescreen to cover up the truth, they are lying to the public.

  • The government is using a smokescreen to cover up the truth about the war.
  • The politician used a smokescreen to avoid answering the question.

Webbed means having webbing between the fingers and toes. This webbing is helpful in swimming and diving.

  • The webbed feet make her a very good swimmer.
  • The webbed fingers make it easier for her to hold onto things.

A bobtail is a type of fish that has a short tail. This is because the bobtail fish is mainly used for swimming underwater.

  • The bobtail fish is a popular fish to eat, because it is high in protein.