How smart are orangutans? - Lu Gao

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To sun oneself is to lie down in the sun and let the sun shine on your skin. This is a popular way to relax and enjoy the sun.

  • They took a break from the sunning to eat some lunch.
  • She sunned herself for hours every day.

Chimps are a type of monkey that is closely related to humans. They are the most common type of monkey, and they are found all over the world.

  • Chimps are very intelligent, and they are able to learn a lot of things.
  • Chimps are able to communicate with each other using a variety of signs and gestures.

Bonobos are a type of ape that are very similar to humans. They are the only primates that are known to have sex for pleasure rather than reproduction.

  • Bonobos are the only primates that have sex for pleasure.
  • Bonobos are very similar to humans, but they are known to have sex for pleasure rather than reproduction.

Orangutans are a type of ape that is found mostly in Indonesia. They are the only ape that lives in the tropical rainforest.

  • There are about two hundred thousand orangutans in the world.
  • Orangutans are one of the slowest apes, and they are not as strong as other apes.

involuntarily means without your permission or against your will. When you involuntarily laugh or cry, you are not doing it on purpose.

  • She was involuntarily crying when she saw the clown.
  • He was involuntarily laughing when he saw the clown.

A scratcher is a toy that is used to scratch your back or your head. They are usually made out of wood or plastic, and they have several small, sharp teeth that you can use to scratch your skin.

  • Mary loved to play with her scratchers, and she would often take them with her when she went out to eat.
  • The child's parents bought him a scratcher for his birthday, and he loved it.

Poachers are people who take wildlife items, like animals or plants, without the permission of the owner. poachers can be criminals, but they can also be people who are just looking for a little extra money.

  • Poachers killed the animal for its meat, which is against the law.
  • Poachers are looking for items that are not protected by the law, like ivory.

To outsmart someone is to beat them at their own game. You can outsmart someone by using their own rules against them or by using strategies that they don't expect.

  • He outsmarted the other students by knowing the answers to the questions before they were asked.
  • She outsmarted her competition by creating the best designs.