How Small Is An Atom? Spoiler: Very Small.

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When you say that someone's fingertip is touching the edge of the pool, you are saying that the person is very close to the edge of the pool.

  • He was only fingertipdeep in the pool.
  • The water was so cold that his fingertips were barely touching the surface.

Corns are small, hard bumps that you can get on your feet. They are usually caused by walking on hard surfaces for a long period of time.

  • He has been walking on the hard floor all day, and his feet are starting to get corns.
  • I always put on a pair of shoes before I go out, because I know that I'll be walking on the hard floors.

Gluons are tiny particles that are responsible for the strong nuclear force. They are also responsible for the binding of protons and neutrons together in atoms.

  • The gluons are what hold the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus.
  • The gluons are what make the nucleus strong.

Quarks are the smallest particles that make up matter. They are also the building blocks of atoms.

  • Quarks are very small, and they don't interact with each other very much.
  • Quarks are very hard to see, because they are so small.

To compact something is to make it smaller and more dense. When you compacted the soil, you made it more dense and easier to plant crops in.

  • The soil was compacted when the bulldozer was working.
  • The wood was compacted when the truck was driving.

The orbitals are the energy levels that are associated with the electron. The orbitals are divided into two types, s and p orbitals.

  • The atom has eight orbitals, six of which are s orbitals.
  • The orbitalals are important because they determine the chemical properties of the atom.

Thingies refers to any small, random objects that you might find around the house. When you're cleaning, you might find thingies on the floor and on the counter.

  • She found a thingie on the floor and picked it up.
  • He found a thingie on the counter and picked it up.

To mindboggling is to be completely amazed or bewildered by something. When you mindboggle someone, you make them feel very surprised and confused.

  • The idea that the Earth is round is mindboggling to most people.
  • When she found out that he had been lying to her all along, she was mindbogglingly angry.