How Quantum Biology Might Explain Life’s Biggest Questions | Jim Al-Khalili | TED Talks

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The billionth is a number that is very large. It's equal to 1,000,000,000. This number is so large that it's impossible to say it with words.

  • The billionth baby was born this week.

Multitasking is the ability to do two or more tasks at the same time. It's usually a good idea to try to multitask when you're trying to do a task that is difficult or time-consuming.

  • She tried to multitask by doing her homework and texting at the same time.
  • He tried to multitask by preparing dinner and talking on the phone at the same time.

A reductionist is someone who only considers the small parts of a problem and ignores the big picture. This can lead to problems because it's sometimes difficult to solve problems that are reduced down to a small number of pieces.

  • The reductionist approach to solving the problem was not successful.
  • The reductionist approach to solving the problem was based on the wrong assumptions.

The discoverers are the people who first find new evidence or information about something. They are usually the first people to learn about the new information.

  • The discoverers were the first people to find evidence that the Earth was round.
  • The discoverers were the first people to find evidence that the Earth was not the center of the universe.

Jostling is a type of physical interaction that is usually used to move people or objects. It involves pushing and shoving, and it can often be very dangerous.

  • The protesters were jostling for position to get closer to the President.
  • The students were jostling for position to get a better seat.

Wavelike means like waves. When you say that something is wavelike, you are describing it in terms of how it moves and how it looks.

  • The water was wavelike, with small waves moving back and forth.
  • The wavelike pattern on the wallpaper was beautiful.

A workhorse is a type of horse that is used for heavy work, such as pulling carts or plowing fields. Workhorses are usually very strong and fast, and they are usually able to work for a long time without getting tired.

  • The workhorses are used to pull the heavy carts.
  • The workhorses are used to plow the fields.

The word dissipating refers to the process of something disappearing or becoming less powerful. When the heat dissipates, the heat is slowly released and disappears.

  • The heat dissipated quickly after the sun went down.
  • The gas molecules are slowly dissipating in the atmosphere.

Ornithologists are people who study birds. They study their anatomy, behavior, and ecology.

  • The ornithologists are observing the birds in the park.