How pigeons took over the world - Elizabeth Carlen and Joanna Moles

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Homing is the ability of a bird or animal to find its way back home. Birds and other animals have a homing instinct, which is a natural tendency to find and return to a specific location.

  • The homing pigeons always find their way back home.
  • The homing instinct is what helped the dog find his way back home.

To fancy something is to have a strong affection or liking for it. Sometimes people use the word to describe someone who is acting in an overly affectionate or romantic way.

  • She fancied the dress so much that she didn't even try it on.
  • He fancied the girl so much that he started dating her even though she had a boyfriend.

Plumage is the feathers, fur, or scales on an animal's body. It's important for animals to have plumage because it helps them to stay warm in cold weather, and it makes them look beautiful.

  • The birds were sporting their new plumage.
  • The bird's plumage is very colorful.

Fabulously means extremely well. It can be used to describe something that is really great, or it can be used to describe someone who is really happy.

  • The restaurant was fabulously decorated.
  • The party was fabulously fun.

Accentuated means pronounced, emphasized. When you accentuate a word, you make the sound of that word more noticeable.

  • The accentuated words were pronounced very clearly.
  • The accentuated words were written in a different typeface.

To homemake something is to do it all by yourself. When you homemake something, you don't need any help from other people.

  • She decided to start homemaking so that she could save money.
  • The new system is supposed to be easier for the user because it is designed to be a homemaking system.

An overpass is a bridge or road that crosses over a large body of water. It's usually a very busy road, and it can be very dangerous to drive over.

  • The overpass is very dangerous, because it's prone to flooding.
  • The overpass is a very important route, because it connects two important cities.

A generalist is someone who is good at a variety of things. They are not limited to one area of study or one type of work.

  • He is a very good generalist, because he is able to do a lot of different types of work.
  • She is a very good generalist, because she is able to do a lot of different types of math.

To chase something is to try to catch it. You might chase a butterfly, or you might chase someone who has run away.

  • He chased the ball all the way down the field.
  • The animals were chasing each other around.