How not to be ignorant about the world | Hans and Ola Rosling

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Chimps are a type of monkey that is closely related to humans. They are the most common type of monkey, and they are found all over the world.

  • Chimps are very intelligent, and they are able to learn a lot of things.
  • Chimps are able to communicate with each other using a variety of signs and gestures.

When you say that someone is preconceived about something, you mean that they have a lot of ideas about what is going to happen, and they are not open to the possibility that something could be different.

  • He was preconceived about the outcome of the game, and he was very disappointed when it didn't go his way.
  • She was preconceived about the way the interview would go, and she was very surprised when it didn't go the way that she had predicted.

A cofounder is someone who starts a company with another person. They are usually the most important person on the team, because they are responsible for the entire company.

  • The cofounder of the company left last week.
  • The cofounder of the company is the one who came up with the idea for the company.

A worldview is a set of beliefs about the world that a person has. It is usually the result of the way that that person has been taught, and it can be very strong.

  • Two people with different worldviews can't have a conversation.
  • The worldview that he has been taught at school is very different from the worldview that she has been taught at home.

To exaggerate is to make something seem much bigger or more important than it is. When you exaggerate, you are trying to make a joke, or you are trying to make a point.

  • He exaggerated the importance of the project, which is why it took so long.
  • She exaggerated the amount of damage that the storm did, which is why the city was so busy.

When you bombard someone with questions, you are trying to ask them a lot of them at once. This is usually used to try to get them to answer a question that you want to know.

  • He bombarded her with questions about the project.
  • The reporter bombarded the candidate with questions during the press conference.

Evolutionarily means that something is the way that it is because it is the way that it has evolved over time. This means that it is based on the natural selection of the strongest and fittest members of a species.

  • The theory of evolution is based on evolutionarily.
  • The theory of evolution is not evolutionarily sound.

When there are more people against you than there are people for you, it's called being outnumbered. This can be a really dangerous situation, because you don't have a lot of support.

  • The army was outnumbered by the soldiers of the king's army.
  • The company was outnumbered by the protesters, and they were eventually defeated.