How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it) - Katherine Hampsten

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A multimillionaire is someone who has a million or more dollars in their bank account. This means that they are very wealthy.

  • The multimillionaire bought the house for a multimillion dollar.
  • The multimillionaire won the lottery, which made her a multimillionaire.

To meld is to merge or to blend together. When you meld two substances, you combine them into one.

  • The paint melded with the wood very easily.
  • The paint and wood melded together to create a beautiful cabinet.

Connotations are the associative meanings that a word has. They are the ideas that people might think of when they hear or see the word.

  • The word connotations has a lot of negative associations.
  • The word connotations has a lot of positive associations.

When you hear a growling noise, it's usually a sign that a dog is angry. Dogs will often growl when they're angry or when they're trying to protect themselves.

  • The dog was growling and barking at the intruder.
  • The dog was growling and attacking the other dog.

When you talk about subjectivities, you're talking about the different ways that people see the world. There are many different subjectivities, and each one is different.

  • The professor was discussing the different subjectivities of the students in the class.

To reshape something is to change it so that it is different from the way it was before. You might reshape a piece of furniture, or you might reshape your own personality.

  • She reshaped the furniture to match her new style.
  • He reshaped his personality so that he would be more successful in his career.

To rework something is to make it better or to fix it. Sometimes you might rework a project that you've already completed.

  • The reworked version of the project was much better than the original.
  • The reworked version of the project was more accurate.

Nonverbal means that something is not done with words. Often, nonverbal communication is more powerful and effective than verbal communication.

  • Nonverbal communication is very important in relationships.
  • Nonverbal communication is used to communicate emotions.