How long should your naps be? - Sara C. Mednick

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is punctuated, it has a special mark or symbol that indicates that it is a sentence or a paragraph. This mark is often called a comma.

  • The sentence was punctuated with a comma.
  • The paragraph was punctuated with a semicolon.

Spindles are the wooden frames that are used to make spinning wheels. They are also used to make other types of objects that need to be turned easily.

  • The spindles were damaged in the accident, so the wheel cannot be repaired.
  • The spindles need to be replaced, because they have been worn down over time.

Potentiation is the process of increasing the potency of a substance. This means that the substance is able to do more damage or cause more symptoms than usual.

  • The drug potentiates the effects of alcohol, which makes them more dangerous.
  • The potentiation of the gas made it difficult to breathe.

The prefrontal cortex is located in the front of the brain. It is responsible for a lot of your cognitive abilities, such as decision making, planning, and problem solving.

  • The prefrontal cortex is responsible for the decision to fire the employee.
  • The prefrontal cortex is responsible for the plan to rob the bank.

The amygdala is a part of the brain that is responsible for the emotions that we feel. It is also responsible for the decisions that we make based on our emotions.

  • The amygdala is responsible for the fear that we feel during a scary movie.
  • The amygdala is also responsible for the emotions that we feel when we are attracted to someone.

To posit is to put forward a theory or idea. When you posit a theory, you are saying that it is possible, and you are proposing a way to test the theory.

  • He posited that the Earth was the center of the universe.
  • She posited that the moon was inhabited by aliens.

To nap is to take a short break from work to rest. It's usually recommended that you take a nap after you work for a long time, because it will help you to stay alert and focused.

  • She usually naps for an hour after she finishes her work.
  • He usually naps for two hours after he finishes work.

When you are groggy, you are feeling sleepy and unsteady. You might feel groggy after you have been drinking alcohol or after you have been sleeping.

  • She was feeling groggy after she had been drinking all night.
  • He was feeling groggy after he had been sleeping for almost the entire day.