How does your immune system work? - Emma Bryce

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To telltale is to be a sign or indicator of something. When you see a telltale sign, you know that there is a danger or problem present.

  • The telltale sign was the broken window.
  • The telltale signs were the bruises on her arm.

To teem is to be full of life, to be bustling with activity. When you see a teeming city, you can see people walking and shopping all around.

  • The city was teeming with people, and the streets were full of cars.
  • The park was teeming with children playing.

A microliter is a unit of measure that is used to measure small amounts of liquid. It's equal to one millionth of a liter.

  • The microliter bottle of water is just enough to fill up one cup.
  • The microliter bottle of shampoo is enough to wash one hair.

The word "pronged" is usually used to describe something that has a sharp edge or point. When you say that something is pronged, you mean that it has a lot of these sharp edges.

  • The prongs on the fork are very sharp.
  • The prongs on the fork are designed to catch food.

Phagocytes are cells in the immune system that are responsible for cleaning up debris. They are also known as macrophages.

  • The phagocytes are eating up the bacteria.
  • The phagocytes are attacking the bacteria.

To orchestrate something is to plan and organize it. You might orchestrate a dinner party, or you might orchestrate a play.

  • He is orchestrating a birthday party for his friend.
  • She is orchestrating a play for her school.

To neutralize something is to make it harmless or to destroy it. When the scientists neutralized the virus, they made it harmless so that it couldn't harm the people or the animals.

  • The scientists neutralized the virus by killing all the infected cells.
  • The scientist neutralized the weapon by destroying the entire facility.

To revisit something is to go back and see it again. Sometimes people revisit old friends, or they revisit a place that they once loved.

  • She's been wanting to revisit her childhood home for years, but she never got the chance.
  • He's been wanting to revisit his childhood home for years, but he's never been able to get the time off work.

Chickenpox is a virus that is very common in children. It is usually a mild disease, but it can occasionally be very serious.

  • She has chickenpox, and she will need to stay home from school.
  • Chickenpox is very contagious, and anyone who has it can spread it to other people.