How does heart transplant surgery work? - Roni Shanoada

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To be comatose is to be unconscious. A person can be comatose for a variety of reasons, including injury or illness.

  • He was comatose for weeks after he was in a car accident.
  • The patient was comatose after she was in a car accident.

When someone is transplanted, they are moved to a new place. This might be a move to a new city, a new country, or even a new continent.

  • The company is transplanting its employees to a new office.
  • She is transplanting her garden to a new location.

Slush is a type of snow that is wet and heavy. It's usually found in cold climates, and it's often difficult to walk in.

  • The streets are covered in slush, and it's very slippery.
  • I love walking in slushy snow because it's so cold.

To cleanly is to do something in a way that is clean and tidy. You might cleanly sweep the floor, or you might cleanly dress yourself.

  • The kitchen was cleanly but sparsely decorated.
  • The room was cleanly but it was too cold.

To innervate is to supply (or cause) life to (something). When a plant is innervated, the roots are supplied with water and nutrients.

  • The plant was innervated with water and fertilizer.
  • The plant was innervated with a light, which will help it grow.

To say that something is lifesaving is to say that it is important for someone's safety. A lifesaving operation is a surgery that is done to save a person's life.

  • The surgery was a lifesaving operation, and the patient is now recovering in the hospital.
  • The lifesaving operation was a success, and the patient is now recovering in the hospital.