How does chemotherapy work? - Hyunsoo Joshua No

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is halting, it is slowly or slowly stopping. The traffic was halting at the intersection.

  • The car was halting because of the oil leak.
  • The project is halting because the funding has been stopped.

Chemo is a type of treatment that is used to treat cancer. It involves using drugs to stop the growth of the cancer.

  • She was undergoing chemotherapy to treat her cancer.
  • The chemotherapy was very painful, but it worked.

Alkylating drugs are drugs that are used to treat cancer. They work by damaging the cells in the body.

  • The alkylating agent is very dangerous, and can be very damaging to the cells.
  • The alkylating agent is very effective at destroying the cancer cells.

Stabilizers are substances or devices that are used to keep things in balance. They can be used to keep a ship or boat afloat, or to keep a chemical reaction from happening.

  • The stabilizers were designed to keep the ship from capsizing.
  • The stabilizers were used to keep the reaction from happening.

Microtubules are tiny tubes that are important for cell division. They are also responsible for moving materials between cells.

  • The microtubules are important for cell division.
  • The microtubules are responsible for moving materials between cells.

To disassemble something is to take it apart so that you can understand how it works. You might disassemble a toy so that you can fix it, or you might disassemble a computer so that you can fix the hardware.

  • The engineer was disassembling the phone to see how it worked.
  • The mechanic was disassembling the car to see the problems.

Follicles are small, hair-like growths on the skin. They are responsible for the growth of hair.

  • The follicles on her head are growing faster than the ones on her arms.

To constrict something is to squeeze it very tightly. Sometimes people use the word to describe the feeling of being very tense.

  • The rope was too tight, and it was constricting my breathing.
  • The government is trying to constrict the number of refugees that are coming into the country.