How does alcohol make you drunk? - Judy Grisel

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The pyloric is a tube that connects the stomach to the small intestine. It helps to remove food from the stomach and send it down the small intestine.

  • The pyloric was blocked, which caused the patient to develop food poisoning.

To circulate something is to send it around or to share it with a lot of people. When you circulate a document, you make copies of it and distribute them to as many people as possible.

  • The document was circulated to all the employees.
  • The magazine is circulating a new issue to all of its subscribers.

Endorphins are substances that are produced in the brain when you are happy or when you are in pain. They are usually called the "happy hormones" because they make you feel happy and euphoric.

  • Endorphins play a role in reducing the pain of childbirth.
  • Endorphins are also responsible for making you feel happy and euphoric.

Endorphins are chemicals that are produced when the body is in pain. They are often called "the morphine of the body."

  • Endorphins make you feel happy and relieved.
  • The painkillers block the production of endorphins, which makes the pain worse.

To outpaces someone is to be faster or better than them. If you outpace your opponent in a race, you will win.

  • He outpaced his opponents in the race and won first place.
  • She outpaced her classmates in the spelling competition and won first place.

To medicate is to give someone medication to make them feel better. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of eating or drinking something.

  • He was going to medicate himself with a cup of coffee.
  • She was going to medicate herself with a glass of wine.