How does alcohol cause hangovers? - Judy Grisel

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When you use the word colloquially, you are using it in a way that is not formally correct. You might use colloquial terms when you are talking to your friends, or when you are writing an email to someone.

  • I used colloquial terms when I was talking to my friends.
  • He used colloquial terms when he was writing the email to his friends.

When something is out of kilter, it's not in the right place or it's not working properly. Things can be out of kilter because of the way that they are positioned or the way that they are built.

  • The picture was out of kilter because the frame was crooked.
  • The car was out of kilter because the wheel was gone.

To be awake is to be conscious and aware. When you're awake, you're not sleeping.

  • It's still morning, which means that people are still awake.
  • The cat is sleeping, but the dog is awake because he's paying attention.

When you are disoriented, you are not sure where you are or how you got there. You might not be able to see anything, or you might not be able to hear anything.

  • She became disoriented after walking for hours in the wrong direction.
  • He became disoriented after falling down a flight of stairs.

When you are groggy, you are feeling sleepy and unsteady. You might feel groggy after you have been drinking alcohol or after you have been sleeping.

  • She was feeling groggy after she had been drinking all night.
  • He was feeling groggy after he had been sleeping for almost the entire day.

Vasopressin is a hormone that is released when you are stressed or anxious. It helps you to release water from your body, and it also helps to control your blood pressure.

  • The vasopressin is released when you're stressed, which is why you feel anxious.
  • The vasopressin is released when you're anxious, which is why you feel stressed.

When you're feeling lightheaded, you're not very sure what's going on. Your balance is off, and you might feel like you're going to faint.

  • She felt lightheaded and unsteady after she took the drug.
  • I felt a lot of lightheadedness after I ate the pizza.

To inflame something is to cause it to become anger or hatred. When the protesters were inflamed by the police, they became angry and hostile.

  • The inflammatory rhetoric is what caused the riots.
  • The inflammatory article inflamed the readers.

To metabolize something is to break it down and use its nutrients to create new molecules. When you eat foods, you are metabolizing those foods, and the process of metabolization is important for your body.

  • The body metabolizes food to create energy.
  • The body metabolizes drugs to destroy them.