How can groups make good decisions? | Mariano Sigman and Dan Ariely

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To say that someone is wiser than someone else is to say that they are more experienced or know more than that person.

  • He is wiser than his younger brother, because he has more experience.
  • She is wiser than her older sister, because she knows more about the world.

To aggregate is to collect or count together. When you aggregate data, you take a group of data points and count them together to get a bigger picture.

  • The company is aggregating data from their website to see how users are responding.
  • The scientists are aggregating data from all of the samples to find a common pattern.

To emulate someone is to try to be like them as closely as possible. Emulating someone can be a way to try to become better than them.

  • She emulated her mother by becoming a doctor.
  • He emulated his father by becoming a lawyer.

To restart something is to start it from the beginning. Sometimes you might restart a machine, or a project, because it has been stopped for some reason.

  • The computer crashed, so we had to restart it.
  • The project was restarted because the original author couldn't continue it.

When someone is astonished, they are very surprised. They might be surprised by the unexpectedness of the situation, or by the severity of the situation.

  • She was astonished when she found out that her house was burned down.
  • I was astonished when I saw the size of the earthquake.

To fertilize something is to plant flowers or seeds inside it. This is usually done to make it grow.

  • The flowers were fertilized with phosphorus to make them grow.
  • The seeds were fertilized with nitrogen to make them grow.

Incorrectly is a word that is used to describe something that is not correct. When you say that the speech was inaccurately written, you mean that it was not accurate in terms of the facts.

  • The speech was inaccurately written, because the speaker misspelled a lot of words.
  • The report was inaccurately written, because it was not accurate in terms of the data.

An outlier is a person or object that is different from the rest of the population. Outliers are usually rare, and they often have very unusual characteristics.

  • The outlier was the only one in the group who could swim.
  • The outlier was the only one in the group who could speak English.

Deliberation is a process by which you decide something. You usually deliberate by thinking about the problem carefully, and you try to come up with a solution that is acceptable to both sides.

  • The committee deliberated for hours before they came to a decision.
  • He deliberated for hours before he came up with a solution.