How autism freed me to be myself | Rosie King

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Nonverbal means that something is not done with words. Often, nonverbal communication is more powerful and effective than verbal communication.

  • Nonverbal communication is very important in relationships.
  • Nonverbal communication is used to communicate emotions.

A stereotype is an idea or judgment about a group of people that is not accurate. Stereotypes can be positive or negative.

  • The stereotype that all programmers are geeky is not accurate.
  • The stereotype that all scientists are boring is also not accurate.

To google something is to search for information about it on the internet. You can google anything, from the name of a person to the recipe for a cake.

  • He Googled "How to make chocolate cake" to find the recipe for chocolate cake.
  • She Googled "How to make a cake" to find a recipe for cake.

inexplicably means for no reason that is known or understood. When something inexplicably happens, there is usually a reason behind it, but it is still unknown.

  • His injury was inexplicably brutal and he was knocked out cold.
  • The incident was inexplicably violent and there was a lot of damage done.

Chaff is pieces of grass, leaves, or other material that is thrown into the air to distract or confuse animals. When a farmer chaffs their fields, they throw the chaff into the air to keep the animals away.

  • The farmer was chaffing their fields to keep the animals away.
  • The soldier was chaffing the enemy soldiers to keep them away from the battlefield.

Terrifying is a word that is used to describe something that is very frightening. When something is terrifying, it is very likely to make you feel scared or scared of the future.

  • The movie was terrifying, and I felt very scared during it.
  • The scene in the movie was so terrifying, I was shaking all throughout it.

Strays are animals that have been lost or abandoned by their owners. They may be wandering around aimlessly or they may be living on the streets.

  • There were a lot of strays living on the streets, and the city was trying to find a way to get them all fixed.
  • The stray dog was looking for its owner, but it didn't have any luck.

To punish someone is to punish them for something that they have done. Sometimes the punishment is physical, but it can also be financial or emotional.

  • The teacher punished the students for being noisy.
  • The company is punishing its employees for being late.
  • The government is punishing its citizens for breaking the law.

To unleash a dog is to let it out of its cage. When you unleash a dog, it is free to run around and play.

  • The dog was unleashed and ran wild through the neighborhood.
  • The dog was unleashed and ran into the road.