How a male contraceptive pill could work | John Amory

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Sponges are animals that live in the sea. They are usually very small, and they use their sponges to soak up water and dirt.

  • Sponges are used to clean the dishes.
  • Sponges are used to clean the floors.

When blood clots, it can become difficult for the blood to flow. This can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • The patient has a high risk of developing blood clots, and the doctors are trying to prevent them from happening.
  • When she walked, her blood clots would cause her to feel a lot of pain.

The testes are two small glands in a man's body that produce testosterone. They are also responsible for producing sperm.

  • The testes are located in the male reproductive system.

To deprive someone of something is to take away their ability to have or use that thing. If you deprive someone of sunlight, they will be unable to see.

  • The trees were deprived of sunlight because of the sky clear.
  • The company deprived the workers of their rights by not giving them a raise.

When something is reintroduced, it is brought back into the world after being absent for a while. reintroduced can also be used to describe something that has been changed or improved.

  • The species of the elephant was reintroduced to the rainforest a few years ago.
  • The new version of the software is reintroduced with new features.

To ingest something is to eat or drink it. When you ingest a substance, it enters your body through your mouth or nose.

  • The child ingested the poison when he ate the cake.
  • The company is ingesting a lot of new data, which is causing a lot of problems.

When someone is stubbornly refusing to do something, they are not willing to listen to reason or to change their mind. They are also likely to be very resistant to change.

  • She was stubbornly refusing to eat the vegetables.
  • He was stubbornly refusing to take the test.