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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Negativity is a negative attitude or feeling. It can be a way of coping with difficult emotions, or it can be a result of negative thinking.

  • The teacher tried to promote a positive attitude in the class, but it was difficult to overcome the negativity.
  • The student has a lot of negative thoughts about school, which is why it's difficult for her to learn.

purposefully means with the intention of achieving a particular goal. Sometimes the word is used to describe actions that are illegal or unethical.

  • The politician purposely falsified the data to make the company look bad.
  • The student deliberately skipped class to go to the party.

To instill something is to teach it to someone. You might instill values or principles into someone's heart.

  • The teacher instilled a sense of discipline into the students.
  • The teacher instilled a love of learning into the students.

Disrespectful means to treat someone poorly, to act in a way that is disrespectful. When the employee was disrespectful to her boss, she was treating her poorly.

  • He was disrespectful when he talked back to his teacher.
  • The student was disrespectful when she refused to shake the teacher's hand.

A mixtape is a collection of music that is compiled from different sources (usually music that you own or have permission to use).

  • He made a mixtape of his favorite songs from the latest album.
  • She made a mixtape of all of the songs that she liked, but didn't want to put them on her Spotify playlist.

Misfortunes are events that are bad for you. They can be things like getting sick, losing your job, or being in a car accident.

  • She has been having a lot of bad luck lately, and she thinks it's because of the misfortunes that have been happening to her.
  • The misfortunes that have been happening to him are due to bad luck.

When something is transmuted, it is changed into something else. This might mean that it is changed into a different form, or it might mean that it is changed into something new and different.

  • The transmutation process changed the silver into gold.
  • The transmutation process changed the coal into diamond.

To outdo someone is to do something better than them. When you outdo someone, you accomplish something that is very difficult or impressive.

  • He outdid his sister by winning the race.
  • She outdid her classmates by winning the spelling bee.

Unmotivated people are not interested in anything. They don't feel like anything is worth their time or effort.

  • He was very unmotivated to go to the party, and he didn't even try to talk me into it.
  • She is very unmotivated, and she doesn't seem to care about anything.