Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Belladonna is a type of poisonous plant. When people eat or touch belladonna plants, they can get very sick.

  • The belladonna plant is very poisonous.
  • The belladonna plant is used to make deadly poisons.

Swelling is the increased size or number of something. When you swell with anger, you are very angry.

  • There were several swollen rivers in the area.
  • There were several swollen areas on the victim's body.

Agitating is causing a lot of anger or excitement. When the protesters were agitating, they were causing a lot of anger and frustration.

  • The agitating noise was making it difficult to hear the speaker.
  • The agitating sound of the waves was too much for her to handle.

To dilute something is to make it less concentrated. You can dilute a solution by adding more water or other liquids.

  • The new law will dilute the power of the old law.
  • The new drink will dilute the taste of the old drink.

When something is stuffy, it's uncomfortable because it's too crowded or too hot. A stuffy room is usually full of smoke or dust, and it's very hard to breathe.

  • The room was stuffy and full of smoke.
  • He was feeling a little stuffy, so he went outside to take a breath of fresh air.

To nap is to take a short break from work to rest. It's usually recommended that you take a nap after you work for a long time, because it will help you to stay alert and focused.

  • She usually naps for an hour after she finishes her work.
  • He usually naps for two hours after he finishes work.

When something is unfulfilled, it doesn't have the full effect or effect that it should. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that they are disappointed with.

  • The unfulfilled dream was a disappointment because he expected more from the dream.
  • The unfulfilled promise was a disappointment because he was expecting her to keep her promise.

To relaunch something is to start the process of selling it again. This can be a new product, a new version of an existing product, or a new business.

  • The company relaunched their line of dresses after they lost a lot of money.
  • The company relaunched their website after they made a lot of changes.

To redo something is to do it again, or to make it better than the first time. If you redo a project, you usually start from the beginning and try to do it better than the first time.

  • The teacher tried to redo the project, but it was already too late.
  • He redid his homework for the third time this week.