History vs. Napoleon Bonaparte - Alex Gendler

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Insecurities are feelings of fear, insecurity, and self-doubt. They can often make people feel uncomfortable and stressed.

  • She has a lot of insecurities about her appearance.
  • He is always insecure about his performance.

Monarchy is a type of government in which a single person is ruler. This person is usually called a monarch.

  • The monarchies of Europe are some of the oldest and most powerful monarchies in the world.
  • The monarchies of Europe are not representative governments, which means that the monarch has a lot of power.

To overthrow something is to take control of it and make it your own. When the government overthrows the monarchy, they take control of the country and the monarchy.

  • The government overthrew the monarchy and made the president the ruler.
  • The protesters are trying to overthrow the government.

An oligarchy is a system in which a few people control the majority of the resources and power in a society. This usually happens when there is a lack of democracy or when the government is controlled by a few powerful people.

  • The oligarchy in the country is bad because it's controlled by a few rich people.
  • The oligarchy in the school is good because the teachers are able to have control over the curriculum.

To reshape something is to change it so that it is different from the way it was before. You might reshape a piece of furniture, or you might reshape your own personality.

  • She reshaped the furniture to match her new style.
  • He reshaped his personality so that he would be more successful in his career.

When it snows, it snowballs. This means that the snow drifts get bigger and bigger, and it becomes harder and harder to walk through the snow.

  • The snow was so heavy that it was impossible to walk through it.
  • The snow was so deep that you could only walk on the side of the road.

Deposed means to remove (someone) from their position. If the president is deposed, that means that they have been defeated and replaced by someone else.

  • The deposed ruler was arrested and taken to prison.
  • The deposed ruler was forced to flee the country.