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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To soak something is to soak it in water or some other liquid. When you soak something, it absorbs the water or liquid.

  • She soaked the clothes in the washing machine to soften them.
  • I soaked the towel in the bathtub to soften it.

When something is waterlogged, it is saturated with water. This can happen because the water is coming in from the air, or it can be because the water is coming in from the ground.

  • The boat was waterlogged, and the passengers had to be rescued by the emergency crew.
  • The ground was waterlogged, and the river was flooded.

Cementing is a process of making something permanent. When you cement something, you add a layer of cement to the surface so that it will not move or fall apart.

  • The cementing agent will help to bind the particles together.
  • The cementing agent will also help to keep the particles in place.

Wrinkled is a word that usually refers to clothing or skin that is pulled or stretched out in an unpleasant way. When you wear wrinkled clothes, you look like you're uncomfortable and you probably are.

  • The clothes were so wrinkled that they looked like they had been in the dryer for hours.
  • The skin on her forehead was wrinkled from being pulled tight during the interrogation.

When something is bouncy, it is bouncy and bouncy and bouncy. This is an adjective, not a verb.

  • The bouncy ball was fun to play with.
  • The bouncy toy was too bouncy for my baby.

To replay something is to watch it again. You might replay a movie or TV show, or you might replay a game that you played earlier.

  • He's going to replay the game tonight to try to improve his performance.
  • She's going to replay the movie again to remember what happened.

Cleverly means in a clever or clever way. When you say that someone is cleverly hiding their anger, you mean that they are trying to conceal their anger from others.

  • He cleverly avoided the question.
  • She cleverly came up with a solution to the problem.

An impenetrable shield is a defense that is very difficult to break through. It's also an adjective that describes something that is very difficult to understand or understand clearly.

  • The shield was impenetrable, and the soldiers couldn't break through it no matter how many times they tried.
  • The explanation was impenetrable, and the students were not able to understand it.