Geoengineering: A Horrible Idea We Might Have to Do

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Fertilizing is a process that is used to promote the growth of plants. The fertilizer that is used can contain different types of nutrients, and it is often combined with water.

  • The garden needs to be fertilized every week in order to keep the plants healthy.
  • The plant needs to be fertilized every month in order to keep it healthy.

Stratospheric means high up in the atmosphere. The stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that is at the highest altitude.

  • The stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that is protected from the sun's radiation.

Clunky is a word that is used to describe something that is not very smooth or elegant. Clunky things often have a lot of parts that don't fit together very well.

  • The computer is very clunky because the mouse is not very accurate.
  • The shoes are very clunky because they are made out of a material that is not very soft.

Snuggling is a type of physical affection that is usually done between people who are romantically involved. It involves being close to each other, usually with the person's head or neck on the other person's chest.

  • They were snuggling on the couch together.
  • They were snuggling in bed together.

The Pinatubo eruption was a huge eruption that happened in the Philippines in 1991. It was the biggest eruption of a volcano in recorded history.

  • The eruption caused a lot of damage, not just to the area around the volcano, but also to the surrounding towns and villages.

A megaton is a unit of energy that is equal to one million tons of TNT. That's a lot of energy!

  • The bomb destroyed a megaton of materials.
  • The bomb destroyed a megaton of buildings.

To destruct something is to break it or to damage it. When the government destroyed the city, they were breaking the buildings and causing a lot of damage.

  • The construction crews were destroying everything in their path.
  • The wind is destructing the trees.

To blankly stare at something is to look at it without any emotion or expression. You might blankly stare at a picture or a person for too long, without saying anything.

  • He stared blankly at the dog for a long time before he finally reacted.
  • She stared blankly at the empty seat across from her for a long time.

To panic is to become very worried and excited. When you panic, your heart rate goes up, and you might start to have a heart attack.

  • She started to panic when she realized she had left her purse at the restaurant.
  • The students were panicking when they realized there was a fire in the building.