Genetic Engineering and Diseases – Gene Drive & Malaria

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The cruelest thing that you could do is to hurt or punish someone who is innocent. This is sometimes called the principle of innocent victims.

  • The police officer was brutalized, and he is the victim of the cruelest crime.
  • The teacher was cruel to her students, and she is the victim of the cruelest act.

To penetrate something is to go through it, to break through its surface. When you penetrate the skin with a needle, you are causing it to break open and bleed.

  • The soldier was able to penetrate the enemy's defenses and reach their base.
  • The water penetrated the concrete and ruined the floor.

Sporozoites are small parasites that live in the blood of some animals. They are sometimes called blood flukes.

  • The doctor found the sporozoites in the blood of the patient.
  • The doctor treated the patient with antibiotics to get rid of the sporozoites.

Merozoites are the reproductive cells of a parasite. They are small and round, and they look a lot like cells in the human body.

  • The merozoites are trying to enter the human body through the open wound.

Convulsions are a type of seizure. They can be mild or severe, but they all involve muscle spasms.

  • The patient had a series of mild convulsions.
  • The patient had a series of severe convulsions.

To infect something is to cause it to get sick or to have something bad happen to it. When you infect your computer with a virus, you're causing it to get infected with a virus.

  • The virus infected the computer system.
  • He was infected with the virus at the hospital.

Plasmodium is a microscopic parasite that can cause malaria. It is often found in the blood of people who are infected with the disease.

  • The plasmodium is a parasite that can cause malaria.
  • The plasmodium is a parasite that can cause malaria.

To overpower someone is to take control of them or to defeat them easily. If you overpower someone, they can't resist your commands.

  • The soldier overpowered the burglar and arrested him.
  • The referee overpowered the players and decided the game.

To adapt is to change or to become better suited for a new situation. When you adapt to a new culture, you learn the customs and slang of that culture.

  • He adapted to the new job quickly, and was able to make friends with his new coworkers.
  • She adapted to the new school by trying to fit in and make friends.