Fracking explained: opportunity or danger

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Unceasingly means without interruption. The sun is constantly shining, and the water is unceasingly flowing.

  • The noise from the fans was unceasingly loud.
  • The waves were unceasingly crashing against the shore.

innumerable is a very large number. When you say that there are innumerable stars in the sky, you are saying that there are a lot of them.

  • The number of books that are in the library is innumerable.
  • The number of people who attended the concert was innumerable.

To penetrate something is to go through it, to break through its surface. When you penetrate the skin with a needle, you are causing it to break open and bleed.

  • The soldier was able to penetrate the enemy's defenses and reach their base.
  • The water penetrated the concrete and ruined the floor.

Condense means to make something more concise or to reduce its size. When you condense a book, you reduce the number of pages by removing some of the material.

  • The book was very condensed, which made it much easier to read.
  • The speech was condensed into a few minutes, which made it easier to understand.

To consume (something) is to eat or drink it up. If you consume too much sugar, you're going to end up feeling sick and tired.

  • He consumed the entire cake in one sitting.
  • She consumed the entire book in a single day.

A carcinogenic substance is one that can cause cancer. There are a lot of carcinogenic substances out there, and we don't know which of them are actually harmful.

  • The carcinogenic substances in the air are causing cancer in people.
  • The carcinogenic substances in the food are causing cancer in people.

Formic is a type of ant that lives in colonies. Ants form colonies to survive and to protect themselves against enemies.

  • Formic acid is a type of ant poison.
  • Formic acid is used to kill ants.

When something is Unforeseeable, it is impossible to predict or understand. Sometimes people use the word to describe events that are too dangerous or unpredictable to plan for.

  • The event was Unforeseeable, and there is no way to prepare for it.
  • The Unforeseeable event caused a lot of damage.

Underestimated means to underestimate the power, strength, or abilities of someone or something. When you underestimate someone, you think that they are not going to be able to do anything that is difficult.

  • He was underestimated by his opponents and was defeated in the election.
  • The team underestimated the opponent and was defeated.