Everything you need to know to read "Frankenstein" - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To flee is to run away from something. When the animals in the zoo started to flee, they were trying to get away from the cameras.

  • The deer fled when the hunter came close.
  • The students fled the school when the shooting started.

To banish someone is to send them away from a place, usually because they have done something wrong. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of making someone disappear.

  • He banished the dragon by casting a spell on it.
  • The king banished all of the rebels from the kingdom.

Vultures are a type of bird that feeds on dead animals. They are often seen flying around in groups, feeding on the remains of the animals that have died.

  • The vultures were hovering over the carcass, waiting for their turn to eat.
  • The vultures were circling around the carcass, waiting for their chance to feed.

To reimagine something is to think of it in a new way. When you reimagine a character, you start from the ground up and imagine what they would look, sound, and feel like if they were in your own story.

  • The reimagined version of Cinderella is much more feminist than the original story.
  • The reimagined version of Romeo and Juliet is much more modern.

To infuse something is to add or mix something into it. When you infuse a drink with alcohol, you are adding alcohol to the drink.

  • The tea was infused with lavender, which gave it a unique flavor.
  • The artist infused the painting with a lot of emotion.

unease is a feeling of anxiety or fear. When you are unease, you are worried about something, and you may be feeling uncomfortable.

  • I felt unease when I saw the snake in the garden.
  • She was feeling unease because she had to give a speech in front of a lot of people.

An elopement is a wedding that is not legally binding. This means that the couple is not married in the eyes of the law, and they are not protected by any laws that might protect them from being divorced.

  • They eloped because they didn't want to get married in the traditional way.
  • She eloped with her boyfriend because she was afraid of being married.

When someone is disfigured, they have had some part of their body hurt or damaged so badly that it's no longer normal. This can happen due to a accident, a disease, or even surgery.

  • He was disfigured in the accident.
  • She was disfigured by cancer.

To accomplish something is to succeed in doing it. When you accomplish something, you usually feel very proud of yourself.

  • He accomplished the impossible and won the race.
  • She accomplished her goal by writing a book in just a few weeks.