Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Denser means thicker. When you describe something as denser, you are saying that it is more concentrated or thicker than usual.

  • The solution was more dense than water.
  • The soup was denser than usual, because it was made with barley.

Clumping is when a substance sticks together and forms a lump. Clumping can happen when liquids and solids mix together, or when two different substances join together.

  • The paint clumped together when it got wet.
  • The dirt clumped together when it got wet.

To vaporize something is to turn it into a vapor. When you vaporize something, you heat it up so that it becomes a gas.

  • The scientist was trying to vaporize the virus so that it could be studied.
  • The pilot was trying to vaporize the enemy planes, so that they would not be able to attack.

The word "tinier" is used to describe things or people who are smaller than average.

  • The tinier toy was easier to carry around.
  • The tinier toy was not as sturdy as the other toy.

Crystallized means to turn into a solid form. When sugar is crystallized, it becomes a solid block.

  • The sugar was crystallized from the liquid form.
  • The sugar was crystallized from the sugar water.

To divert is to change or redirect something. If you divert the water away from a dam, you're preventing it from flooding the town below.

  • The road was diverted to make room for the new development.
  • The teacher wanted to divert the students' attention from the test by having them talk.

Electrodynamics is the branch of physics that deals with the interaction between electricity and matter. It is a very important field, because it helps us to understand how things work.

  • The electrodynamics professor is a very important figure in the field.
  • Electrodynamics is very important because it helps us to understand how things work.

To stabilize something is to make it stable or consistent. When you stabilize the economy, you make it so that the economy doesn't fluctuate a lot.

  • The government is trying to stabilize the currency by buying up assets.
  • The company is trying to stabilize the market by releasing new products.

To collide is to come into contact with each other. When two cars collide, they hit each other head on.

  • The driver was trying to avoid a collision by driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • The collision caused a lot of damage to the building.