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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A megachurch is a church that is large and famous. They often have a lot of services, and they often have a lot of money.

  • The megachurch is the largest in the city.
  • The megachurch is famous for its services.

The fanciest thing is the most expensive, the most beautiful, or the most prestigious. When you say that something is the fanciest, you mean that it is the best of the best.

  • The fanciest restaurant in town is very expensive.
  • The fanciest car on the lot is a Ferrari.

When someone is hungry, they are not satisfied with what they have. They might be hungry because they didn't eat yesterday, or they might be hungry because they are not used to eating a lot of food.

  • He was so hungry that he could barely eat his breakfast.
  • She is so hungry that she is eating anything that she can get her hands on.

A detour is a diversion or an alternate route. When you're driving, you might need to take a detour to avoid an accident.

  • The detour caused a delay of the trip.
  • The detour caused the driver to miss the bus.

Afters is a word that is used to describe the things that people usually eat after they have eaten a meal. Afters usually includes things like dessert, coffee, or tea.

  • They had a late dinner and went out for drinks afterwards.
  • She had a light breakfast and then went out for brunch afterwards.

When someone stammers, they can't speak properly because they are too nervous or afraid to speak. They might stammer when they are trying to talk to someone they like, or when they are giving a speech.

  • He stammered when he tried to say hello.
  • She stammered when she was giving her speech.

To hum is to make a low, rhythmic noise with your throat. You might hum a song to yourself or hum a word that you know.

  • She hummed a happy tune as she walked down the street.
  • He hummed a song to himself as he worked on his car.

To recede is to move back, to gradually move away from something. When the tide recedes, the water gradually moves away from the shore.

  • The receding tide left behind a wide swath of sand.
  • The receding tide left the ship behind.

When something jolts you, it makes you jump or startle. Sometimes the word is used to describe the feeling that you get when you hear a loud noise.

  • When she saw the bear, she was so startled that she jolted.
  • When I heard the loud noise outside, I jolted.