Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A caretaker is someone who is responsible for taking care of something or someone. They might be a family member, a friend, or a hired professional.

  • The caretaker is in charge of feeding the animals.
  • The caretaker is in charge of watering the plants.

Gatherers are people who collect things. They might collect food, or they might collect materials that they can use to build something.

  • The gatherers will collect all of the food that they can find.
  • The gatherers will collect all of the wood that they can find.

A gatherer is someone who collects things. They might collect things like eggs or flowers.

  • The gatherer was gathering eggs from the chicken coop.
  • The gatherer was gathering flowers from the garden.

A secretion is something that is released from the body in order to do something. Some body secretions are important, like sweat, while others are just waste products.

  • The secretion that the doctor was looking for was present in the patient's blood.
  • The secretion that is released when you cry is called tears.

To starve is to not have enough food. When the food supply is limited, people are often forced to starve.

  • The city was starving after the war, and there was no food to be found.
  • The soldiers were starving, and they were only able to find food occasionally.

The anteater is a type of animal that lives in the rainforest. It has a long nose and a strong jaw, and it uses these features to eat ants.

  • The anteater is an endangered species, and it is seriously threatened by the destruction of the rainforest.

A pacemaker is a device that is used to help control the heart rate. It is usually worn on the chest, and it sends electrical signals to the heart to help it beat more slowly or at a regular rate.

  • She was wearing a new pacemaker, and she was very excited about it.
  • The pacemaker was giving him a lot of trouble, and he needed to go to the hospital to have it fixed.