Einstein's twin paradox explained - Amber Stuver

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A spaceship is a vehicle that is used to travel through space. Spaceships are usually large and expensive, and they require a lot of fuel to travel long distances.

  • The spaceship is large and impressive.
  • The spaceship is going to take a long time to get to the other side.

When two people are reunited, they are finally able to meet again after being apart for a long time. Sometimes this reunion is happy, and sometimes it's not.

  • They were finally reunited after being separated for five years.
  • They were reunited after being separated for two days.

When something is unmoving, it is not moving. A statue is usually unmoving, even if it is moving slightly.

  • The statue was very unmoving, even in the wind.
  • The water was very unmoving, even when the waves were crashing against it.

Quantified means that something has been measured or calculated in some way. When you say that something is quantified, you are saying that you can measure or calculate it.

  • The data was quantified by counting the number of emails that were sent.
  • The data was quantified by measuring the size of the room.

Inertial is a type of energy that is not moving. It is the energy that is used to keep objects in motion.

  • The inertial force is the force that is used to keep the car moving.
  • The inertial force is what keeps the planets in orbit.

To perceive something is to understand it, to be aware of it. When you perceive a color, you are seeing the color that is reflected in the light.

  • The child perceives the world in a different way than the adults do.
  • The scientist is trying to understand the perception of color.

To converge is to move closer together. When two streams or rivers converge, they meet and become one.

  • The two armies were converging on the city.
  • The two companies are converging on the same market.

When something is asymmetrical, it is not balanced. This can be a problem because it can be difficult to control or move the object.

  • The car had a lot of damage to the right side, which was an asymmetry.
  • The shirt was asymmetrical, because the left side was much longer than the right.

Spacetime is the space that exists around us in which we live and move. It is composed of grains of matter called galaxies, and it extends far beyond our own galaxy.

  • In the theory of relativity, spacetime is described as a continuum.
  • The theory of relativity explains how spacetime is curved, which is why objects in spacetime appear to move.