Did the Amazons really exist? - Adrienne Mayor

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Centaurs are half-human, half-horse creatures. They are usually depicted in art and mythology as being gentle and kind, but also very clever and skilled.

  • The centaurs were able to outrun the horses and escape.
  • The centaurs were able to outsmart the humans and take their food.

A steppe is a large, open area of land that is usually covered in grass. It's usually found in the middle of a desert or in a cold country.

  • The steppe is a huge area, and it's mostly desert.
  • The steppe is a great place to ride horses.

Recurve means to bend or to curve back. When a bow is recurved, the bowstring pulls the bow back towards the archer.

  • The bow was recurved, which made it stronger and easier to hold.
  • The recurve of the door made it difficult for anyone to get in.

To portray is to represent or to show. When you portray a character, you are creating a representation of that person in your head.

  • We need to have more portrayals of different races in the media.
  • The play portrays the conflict between the king and the rebels very well.

When you wield something, you hold it in your hand or you use it to attack or defend. You might wield a weapon, such as a sword, to fight.

  • He wielded the sword skillfully.
  • She wielded the whip expertly.

To bash something is to hit it hard with a object. You might bash a door closed or a window shut.

  • He bashed his head against the wall when he was trying to escape.
  • She bashed her head against the door when she was trying to escape.

The adjective fearsome means very scary or dangerous. When you describe someone as fearsome, you are saying that they are a very dangerous person.

  • The ferocious dog was barking ferociously.
  • The fearsome dragon could easily kill anyone who crosses its path.

To glorify is to praise or treat something with excessive or unjustified admiration. When the president glorified the war in Iraq, he was celebrating the death of many innocent people.

  • The movie glorified violence and the glorification of violence is never okay.
  • The author glorified drugs in her book, which is why it's a bad idea to read it.