Did ancient Troy really exist? - Einav Zamir Dembin

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A superhuman is a person who is able to do things that are beyond the abilities of most humans. Superhumans can be very powerful, and they often have special skills.

  • Superman is a superhuman because he is able to fly and shoot fire from his eyes.
  • The superhero saved the day by performing a superhuman act.

An encampment is a group of people who are living in a temporary location. They might be living in a city, but they might also be living in a rural area.

  • The protesters are camping out in front of the company's headquarters.
  • The army is camping out in preparation for the war.

A hilltop is a high point on a hill. The top of a hill is usually flat, and there is usually a lot of vegetation on it.

  • The view from the hilltop was beautiful.
  • The hilltop is a popular spot for people to hike.

When something is forestalled, it's prevented from happening. Usually, this is because someone has prevented it from happening.

  • The police were forestalled by the protesters.
  • The construction was forestalled by the bad weather.

To excavate is to dig down into the ground. Sometimes you excavate for the purpose of finding something valuable, like treasure. Other times you excavate for the purpose of building something new, like a road.

  • The construction company is excavating a new road.
  • The archaeological team is excavating the site of an ancient city.

To thrive is to do well, to be successful. When a plant or animal thrives, it is able to grow and survive in difficult conditions.

  • The plant thrived in the hot, dry environment.
  • The business thrived when the new CEO was hired.

Charred means to burn very badly. When the building was burned down, the firefighters were charred.

  • The building was charred beyond recognition.
  • The food was charred and burnt.

Arrowheads are pieces of stone or metal that have been shaped into points. They are often found at archaeological sites, and they are often used to hunt animals.

  • The arrowheads were found at the site of the ancient battle.
  • The arrowheads are a type of artifact that is often used to study ancient cultures.

Fortification is the process of building or reinforcing defenses. When there is a threat of war, the government may build walls and other defenses to protect the people.

  • The fortification is designed to protect the town from attack.
  • The fortification is designed to protect the soldiers from the enemy.