Design for All 5 Senses | Jinsop Lee | TED Talks

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Sunflowers are flowers that are related to the buttercup. They are usually yellow or orange, and they have a long stalk that reaches up to 6 feet tall.

  • They are sunflowers.
  • The sunflowers are in bloom.

To magnify something is to make it larger or more visible. You can magnify something by using a magnifying glass, or you can make it larger by using a sound or light amplification system.

  • He was using a magnifying glass to examine the object.
  • The sound of the waves was magnified by the sound system.
  • The light from the sun was magnified by the sunglasses.

To bug is to spy on someone or to listen to their conversations without their permission. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of entering someone's home without their permission.

  • They were bugging my office all day.
  • The police were bugging the suspect's house.

An epiphany is a moment of realization. When you have an epiphany, you suddenly understand something that you didn't before.

  • I had an epiphany when I realized that I was wrong.
  • I had an epiphany when I realized that I was gay.

A motorbike is a type of vehicle that is used for transportation. Motorbikes are usually smaller than cars and trucks, and they are usually used for commuting.

  • He was riding his motorbike down the street.
  • She was riding her motorbike around the neighborhood.

To rev up is to start the engine of a car, motorcycle, or engine in general. When you rev up the engine, you make it roar and produce a lot of noise.

  • He revved the engine up to try and get it going.
  • She revved the engine up to try and get it going faster.

Slurping is the sound that you make when you drink from a cup or bottle. It's usually done quickly, to avoid getting water in your mouth.

  • He was slurping his drink, trying to avoid getting water in his mouth.
  • She was slurping her drink, trying to avoid getting water in her mouth and making a mess.

A vial is a small container that is used to hold liquids. Sometimes pharmacies will give patients small vials of medication to take home with them.

  • The nurse gave the patient a vial of medicine to take home with her.

A toothbrush is a small, handheld tool that is used to clean teeth. It has a soft, bristled head that is used to scrub the teeth clean.

  • She brushes her teeth with a toothbrush before she goes to bed.
  • He uses a toothbrush to brush his teeth every day.