Could Solar Storms Destroy Civilization? Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To churn is to make something seem more complicated than it is. When people talk about the economy being in a "churn," they mean that the economy is changing a lot, and it's not always easy to understand what is happening.

  • The company is churning out a lot of new products, which is why the market is so unstable.
  • The politician was trying to churn up votes by associating himself with popular issues.

To kink something is to make it twisted or crooked. Sometimes when something is kinked, it can't be straightened out.

  • The rope was twisted around the tree so tightly that it kinked the tree trunk.
  • The rug was kinked when it was pulled out of the box.

When someone is catapulted, they are suddenly thrown into a different situation or position. This can be a very dangerous experience, and it can often lead to injury or death.

  • He was catapulted out of the window, and landed in the garden below.
  • She was catapulted into the air when the building collapsed.

The auroras are a type of light that is often seen in the sky. They are usually seen as a glowing curtain of light.

  • The auroras were very visible tonight.
  • The auroras were not visible this morning, which is unusual.

explosively means very quickly and violently. When something explodes, it suddenly breaks and releases a lot of energy.

  • The bomb exploded explosively, destroying most of the building.
  • The dispute exploded explosively into a physical fight.

To chuck something is to throw it away. You might chuck a can of paint out of the window, or you might chuck a plate of food in the trash.

  • He was throwing away empty beer cans, and he chucked one at me.
  • She was throwing away old food, and she chucked a piece of pie at me.

To unplug something is to turn it off. Sometimes people unplug their computers, TVs, or other electronic devices when they're not using them.

  • He unplugged his computer before he left.
  • The TV was unplugged when the power went out.

To bathe is to take a bath. Most people think of bathing as something that you do to clean yourself, but in some cultures, it is also a ceremonial practice.

  • The ceremonial bath was a very important part of the culture.
  • She usually bathes every day, even if she doesn't feel dirty.

Infographics are a type of graphic that are used to illustrate information. They are usually very organized and easy to understand.

  • The infographic illustrates the different types of food that are healthy for you.
  • The infographic is very easy to understand, and it illustrates the different types of food that are unhealthy for you.